ECTS & Mobility Recognition


Istanbul Okan University Mobility Recognition Procedure
For full recognition of the mobility achievements the following steps should be followed by the mobility students and their supervising departmental academic coordinators:

Before mobility

  1. Learning Agreements: The learning agreements are prepared under the supervision of the departmental academic coordinator before the mobility. Departmental coordinator compares the learning outcomes and student workload of the courses selected for mobility and applies the “fair equivalence” principle. Three original copies of Learning agreements should be prepared and signed.
  2. Preliminary Proof of Recognition: Once learning agreements are prepared, a Preliminary Proof of Recognition (Intibak Tablosu) has to be filled in by the departmental coordinator. Above mentioned document should include, the name of the institution for mobility and duration of mobility; the courses selected for mobility and their ECTS credits and courses and ECTS credits that student will be exempted after satisfactorily completing his/her studies abroad. Three originals copies, signed by the student, departmental coordinator and Erasmus Institutional Coordinator should be prepared.
  3. The Preliminary Proof of Recognition is submitted to the faculty board and is approved before mobility.

During Mobility

  1. Students should inform their departmental coordinators for any changes that have to be made on the learning agreement and get their approval in writing by electronic mails.
  2. Departmental coordinator prepares a second preliminary proof of recognition comprising the approved learning agreement changes and submits it to the faculty board.

After Mobility

  1. Students have to submit their transcripts of records to the Erasmus Office, which sends it to related faculty and department.
  2. For courses satisfactorily completed, grades obtained during mobility are converted to İstanbul Okan University local grades using the grade conversion table below.
  3. ECTS credits successfully obtained are directly transferred to İstanbul Okan University academic credit system (ECTS).
  4. Final proof of recognition which is prepared by the departmental coordinator is submitted to faculty board and sent to Students Registrar Office.
  5. Successfully completed courses are transferred on student’s transcript of records with their original titles and ECTS credits.

Grade Conversion Table

ECTS GradePercentageDefinitionOKAN Grades
A 10 Excellent AA
B 25 Very Good BA
C 30 Good CB - BB
D 25 Fair CC
E 10 Satisfactory DD-DC
FX Fail FF
F Fail FF

For Erasmus Placement Students

  1. All students are awarded 5 ECTS credits after submission of “Placement Successfully Completed” certificate delivered by the hosting enterprise/institution.
  2. Placement ECTS credits are reflected on student’s Transcript of Records and Diploma Supplement.