International Credit Mobility (KA107) was launched in 2015 within the framework of Erasmus + Key Action 1. ICM aims at extending the learning mobility to countries which are not in the Erasmus + programme countries. The programme is financed and monitored by the European Commission through the National Agencies in the Programme Countries.

ICM provides the students from all over the world with an invaluable opportunity of developing both their knowledge and personal skills in an international environment whilst broadening their horizons to other cultures and experiences.


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04 November 2019

2019-2020 Academic Year on 27th November 2019, Announcement for the Erasmus+ (KA107) Arabic Exam

Arabic Exam will be held on 27th of November 2019...

03 December 2018

Bilateral Exchange and Erasmus+ Partner Countries Russian Language Exam for 2018 Project Period

Erasmus Russian language exam for the 2018 Project period (2019...