Banking and Insurance Program

Banking and Insurance Program

By preparing students to the sector, we will be serving for a considerable amount of increase in the quality of the education in our country. In addition, the courses of the program will be offered by the lecturers who have professional knowledge in the field, especially who work at the top of the related sector. Students in this program acquire skills and knowledge not only in the discipline of business administration but also expertise in banking and insurance; therefore their promotion to executive positions within time will be highly probable, depending on their self-development and success.

The Associate Degree Programme in Banking and Insurance aims to train qualified staff , banking and insurance within the framework of the basic principles of the profession, equipped with professional knowledge and experience, professional foreign language skills of the profession, to train manpower who are aware of the responsibility and business ethics.

The total credits required for the satisfactory completion of the curriculum are 68 credits. The program additionally requires two internships each enduring 20 work days.

Training Period: 2 Years
Voluntary Prep School: Yes
Point Description: YGS-6
Evening Education: None

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Advisory Board

  • Dr. Gökhan BÜYÜKŞENGÜR, Türkiye Aracı Kuruluşlar Birliği - Training Manager
  • Selçuk ÖZCAN, Ziraat Yatırım - Corporate Finance Manager
  • Yasemin Akgün, AvivaSA - Regional Manager
  • Canay Otmanbölük, AvivaSA - Human Resources Unit Manager