Bölüm Başkanının Mesajı


Gastronomy is an art. It is the art of cooking, of learning how to use kitchen equipments, tableware, how to display food. Culinary cultures differ from country to country and globalization has brought into closer contact peole living in different areas, having different customs, different celebrations, different traditional foods. How food preparation has evolved through time, how culinary culture has developed, what kind of menus are prepared during ceremonial occasions, feast, weddings, small or large dinner parties, in restaurant, fast food stands, spa's are topics covered in great details by the Department of Gastronomy.

Our department is part of the Faculty of Applied Sciences of Okan University. The department conducts one programs in Turkish and English. Learning a foreign language, and being equipped with management and accounting skills is a must. Those wishing to learn more about us can visit the other pages made availabe on the web. Wishing you all the very best.