Department Chair’s Message


Automotive engineers have various job opportunities in many fields, especially in the automotive industry. Automotive industry is one of the leading sector in Turkey and it is continuosly growing, therefore many engineers are needed for this industry. Istanbul Okan University gives a particular importance to automotive engineering education in order to deal with the requirement in this field. Moreover, Istanbul Okan University is located very close to automotive industry companies.

Today, automobiles are not only consist of mechanical parts. In automotive, it is known that vehicles are consist of mechanical and electronic parts and these parts work together by usage of control systems. For this reason, the engineers we educate in our automotive engineering will also have a compherensive knowledge of mechatronics. The language of education in automotive engineering is English. This is mainly because English is a common language for science. Another important reason is that our programs is also preferred by students who come from abroad, Erasmus etc. with exchange programs. In addition, employers are looking for engineers who speak English, especially in international companies. Automotive Engineering department academic staff is engaged in many project activities both in Turkey and abroad. Furthermore, researches of deparment are ongoing at Transportation Technologies and Intelligent Auto (UTAS), Innovative and Sustainable Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Technologies Development and Clustering Center (e-Hike) and Innovative Intelligent Communication Vehicle Technologies Development and Clustering Center (e-HikeLink). These Centers of Excellence work in collaboration with Istanbul Development Agency, Association of Turkish Industrialists in Electronics (TESID), Software Industrialists Association (YASAD) and Turkish Automotive Supplier Industry (TAYSAD). Istanbul Okan University is also an executive committee member of the Automotive Technology Platform and a board member of the Smart Transportation Association. Moreover, Okan University is the only university in Turkey that is a member of Intelligent Transport Systems Europe (ERTICO) and The European Green Vehicles Initiative Association (EGVIA). Successful undergraduate students can also work in these projects. As a consequence of these experiences they can easily find a job in their field.