Genetics and Bioengineering Lab


Our Departmental Laboratory, which was established in partnership with the Department of Genetics and Bioengineering, includes General Chemistry, Microbiology and Basic Cell Laboratory. Our students actively use our laboratories within the scope of courses such as general chemistry, biology, food microbiology, food chemistry and food quality control. Our laboratories are also used for research purposes. In this context, specific analyzes such as antioxidants are carried out within the scope of graduation theses and projects.

For these purposes in our laboratory, Microscope, Microscope camera/image system, Autoclave (desktop), Flame stoves (bunsen), Microbiological safety cabinet, Incubators (with microprocessor), Water bath (without circulation), Ultrasonic water bath, Magnetic stirrer, Vortex stirrer, Hot plate heater with agitator (rectangular), Blender, Stomacher, Homogenizer, Mixer, Phmeter, Shaker, Dry air sterilizer oven, Precision balance, 1/10000 g, balance 500 g, 0.1g, Muffle furnace, Fume hood, Spectrophotometer UV VIS, Vacuum pump , Colony Counter, Refrigerator, Microwave oven, Freezer, PCR instruments, Microcentrifuge 12,000 rpm, Spin Microcentrifuge, Electrophoresis power supply, Refrigerated desktop centrifuge, Gel documentation system including transilluminator, PCR cabinet, Electrophoresis tank, Invert microscope, Pipette gun, CO2 Microbiological safety cabinet - laminar flow class 2, Abbé refractometer, Soxhelet oil determination device, Kjeldahl protein analyzer, Polarimeter, Rotary Evaporator Liquid Nitrogen Tank and necessary consumables are available.