The Purpose of the Department


The aim of our Civil Engineering Department is for our students; to ensure that they graduate as civil engineers who can carry out their education, research and community service activities at universal standards, produce information and technology to contribute to regional and national development, and have the following qualifications.

  • Ability to produce practical and effective solutions to problems related to Civil Engineering science and technology.
  • Having basic knowledge in Structures, Hydraulics, Transportation, Geotechnical and Building Materials departments in Civil Engineering.
  • To be able to check the conformity of the design techniques of the construction building projects and the conformity of the building materials used in the construction with the applicable specifications.
  • Ability to query, categorize and interpret the data presented to him/her.
  • To be able to use the computer programs to be used in the preparation of project layouts and to solve the engineering problems to be applied in construction projects in the computer environment. Knowing the structure and content of the English language and dominating English construction terms at a level to discuss technical details.
  • Gaining the ability to transfer technical subjects effectively to the audience through presentations and reports.
  • To know the responsibility of keeping technical knowledge up-to-date after graduation and gain the ability to adapt the information obtained to his/her work.
  • Having the leadership, entrepreneurship and effective teamwork skills in construction projects.
  • To know his/her social responsibilities to civil society and to have the consciousness of doing his/her profession within the framework of professional and ethical rules.