Istanbul Okan University Confucius Institute operates under the partnership of Istanbul Okan University, Beijing Language and Culture University and Office of Chinese Language Council International (HANBAN). The agreement was signed by HANBAN and Istanbul Okan University on June 18th, 2012 in Beijing, and the Institute was inaugurated on May 14th, 2013 in Istanbul Okan University.

Istanbul Okan University Confucius Institute aims to promote Chinese language learning and the understanding of Chinese culture in Turkey. Confucius Institute is working in close collaboration with the Department of Chinese Translation and Interpretation, Istanbul Okan University, which provides a comprehensive Chinese language and cultural education as well as, the Okan College, which starts Chinese language education at the age of six.

Istanbul Okan University Confucius Institute presents a model of a comprehensive education in Chinese by offering Chinese language courses to public at large and by opening Confucius Classrooms. So far, more than 150 students have been enrolled at the Istanbul Okan University Confucius Institute. Confucius Institute also supports Istanbul Okan University in organizing HSK, HSKK and YCT examinations and plays a major role in the promotion of these exams.

The primary objective of the Confucius Institute is the promotion of Chinese language education. However, the Institute does not only focus on language education. With the activities of the Institute, Turkish society will be able to obtain more accurate information about Chinese society by means of scientific studies within the framework of joint projects. Scientific cooperation will be correspondingly reflected to society. Thus, people of the two countries will familiarize with each other's cultures and living styles. Istanbul Okan University is willing to conduct joint scientific research projects with Chinese universities. The Confucius Institute will support and guide the University in this endevaour.

Istanbul Okan University Confucius Institute also undertakes the task of strengthening cooperation between the two countries in the fields of tourism and trade. The Institute will also be one of the gateways for Turkish business to China.


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