İstanbul Okan University

Foreign Languages ​​Department

Foreign Languages ​​Department


Our Mission

The pursuit of Istanbul Okan University’s Foreign Languages Department (FLD) is to endow our learners with analytical, tactical and practical English skills so that they can utilize them throughout their education. FLD provides distinctive courses for each of our learners with the purpose of enhancing each skill at a higher level.

Our Philosophy

The concept of FLD is to prepare Istanbul Okan University learners to develop rational and knowledgeable pathways to their future professional and personal lives.

Our Objectives

  • Instructing an English education through the most modern means that our learners are familiar with. This includes the use of the latest approaches, self-evaluation, technology and up-to-date topics.
  • Guiding our learners to acquire vital English skills specified for their future. Our learners are channeled to an appropriate course based on their studies.
  • Empowering our learners to reach a higher understanding of English both in practice and in culture.
  • Establishing the most effective learning and teaching environment.

Our Expectations

We have confidence that our team of instructors is driven to help shape the future of our learners. Our mission, philosophy and objectives are to create a positive atmosphere, dedication and team work for both our students and colleagues. By high guidance and encouragement of internal and external continuous professional development, we strongly believe that our instructors can reach their full potential both in the classroom and within FLD. We feel that the elevated conviction of each instructor will assist with the improvement of both our institution and FLD