Department Chair's Message


Industrial engineering has increasingly gained in importance over the last thirty years, not only in Turkey but throughout the rest of the world as well. Because it plays an indispensable role in the production of goods and services of all types of businesses, large, medium, and small alike, industrial engineering will continue to increase in prominence, ensuring increasing job opportunities in a wide range of sectors for those who choose this particular career path.

Of course there are reasons why industrial engineering has become so important in today’s world. First of all, with scarcity of resources and increased competition both pressing issues, the quality of products and efficiency of production both have become essential to the future of competitive businesses and humanity itself. Optimal satisfaction of customer demand, in terms of quality, cost, and timing, plays a decisive role in the survival of businesses. Within this context, a constant quest for innovation is imperative. Important innovations such as lean manufacturing, just-in-time manufacturing, flexible manufacturing, computer integrated manufacturing, computer-aided manufacturing, total quality management, and productivity management in the production systems field, have all been compulsory for keeping up in today’s competitive business world. Istanbul Okan University’s Industrial Engineering Department provides students with the knowledge and know-how that will allow them to master such aspects of the field and, just as importantly, to build upon the groundwork they lay during their undergraduate education, and become innovators themselves.

In short, our program provides students with the skills and knowledge that they need to be competitive in the field. Some of the topics covered in our program include:

  • Tools of production and quality engineering
  • Tools for the measurement and evaluation of productivity
  • Business system design-study-method development, ergonomics
  • Facilities planning, capacity planning, inventory management-production-planning-maintenance planning, investment planning
  • Research and development / innovation management
  • Measurement and evaluation, quantitative indicators
  • Optimization approach for all kinds of actions and decisions
  • Effective usage of information technology in all areas
  • Economics / business information necessary for the field

Moreover, our program also offers summer internships to help reinforce the knowledge and skills that students acquire during their studies.
The combination of theoretical and practical knowledge that our graduates master thanks to our comprehensive program ensures their future success in the field of industrial engineering.