Required Documents


The Erasmus process includes 3 steps: Before mobility, During mobility, and After mobility. In this process, students are responsible for submitting the documents that are necessary. You can click on the document name to download it.

Documents to be submitted to the Erasmus Office before mobility:

First of all, the first document that students who are entitled to participate in Erasmus mobility should prepare is the university preference petition. In this petition, the period in which the student will go to Erasmus and the universities he/she prefers to visit should be specified, respectively. The document must be forwarded to the Erasmus Office, signed by the student and the student's Erasmus department coordinator. After this document is sent to our office, the student is presented as a candidate to the partner university, taking into account the order of preference. From this stage, the Erasmus mobility process of the student officially starts. All of the documents that the student is obliged to prepare and send to the office from the moment they are selected for Erasmus mobility until they go to the partner university are as follows:

  • Adjustment Table (as 3 original copies)
  • Learning Agreement
  • Letter of Acceptance
  • Copy of Identity Card
  • Health Information Form
  • International Education Health Insurance
  • Vakıfbank/Halk Bank Euro Account (Copy of Passbook or Receipt)
  • Visa Photocopy
  • OLS-1 (Online English Exam) Result
  • Erasmus Subject Area Codes
  • Foreign Language Exam Result Document
  • Transcript

b) Documents that the student must prepare while on mobility

  • If the student has to change the courses he/she plans to take after going to the host institution, he/she should choose the courses to be changed with the approval of the department coordinator and prepare the mobility part of the learning agreement. The student should sign the document he/she has prepared, have the department coordinator here sign it, and then have it signed by the responsible person at the Erasmus coordinator of the university he/she attends and send it to us.
  • Students participating in the mobility program for the fall semester must notify the Erasmus Office within one month (from the day they arrive at the host university) if they want to extend their mobility. After the semester extension requests are approved by our office, the students contact the department coordinators and ensure that a new adjustment table and learning agreement are prepared for the spring semester. The student has to send us a fully signed copy of these documents, as well as an acceptance letter from the host institution for the spring semester.
  • Certificate of Arrival

c) Documents to be submitted to the Erasmus Office upon completion of mobility

Grade Adaptation: The transcript document received from the partner institution is forwarded to the department coordinator. The student's grade adjustment is prepared by the department coordinator by considering the grades on the transcript, and after the approval is approved by the Faculty Administrative Board, it is transferred from the faculty to the student affairs unit with a cover letter to be processed on the student's transcript here.