Dormitory Rules and Regulations:

Accommodation information; Okan University offers accommodation for 1500 students in our five fully equipped dormitories on our Tuzla Campus. Students can choose to stay in single, double or four person room. There are study halls, TV rooms and a 24/7 medical centre which are provided. Laundry and cleaning services are provided as well as bedding needs. There is wireless internet connection in all the rooms provided for any needs and services for online activities.

The university campus also includes restaurants and cafeterias which serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Dinner and sports facility fees are included in the price of the dormitories.
One semester option is available.
Please, fill in the housing application form and send it to our due time.
Important: Students who would like to stay in the dormitories should have a medical certificate showing their vaccinations for Hepatitis B.

Deadline for Confirmation:
Winter Semester: September 1, 2018
Summer Semester: January 25, 2019

Requests after deadlines will not be taken into consideration.

Click here for the Application Form

If you decide not to stay at the dormitories, after August 20, your advance deposit will not be reimbursed.

Dormitory Fees for 2018-2019
Room SizeMinimum (C Type) B Type Maximum (A Type)
Standard Room for 4 persons8.635 TL + %8 VAT 9.790 TL + %8 VAT
Standard Room for 3 persons10.780 TL + %8 VAT
Double Standard Room
15.620 TL + %8 VAT 16.940 TL + %8 VAT 18.590 TL +%8VAT
Single Standard Room
26.670 TL + %8 VAT 28.270 TL + %8 VAT 31.900 TL +%8VAT

Minimum and maximum prices change according to floor of the room.

Deposits for 2018-2019
Single Room600 TL
Double Room300 TL
3-Persons Room300 TL
4-Persons Room150 TL

Please consider half prices for one semester and get in contact with us for detailed information.
Please check the website below for daily exchange dates:

Vakifbank A.S. Kadiköy Subesi Dollar ACCOUNT
IBAN: TR 58 000 15001 5804 80112 24337

Vakifbank A.S. Kadiköy Subesi EURO ACCOUNT
IBAN: TR 49000 15001 5804 80129 62545

Vakifbank A.s. Kadikoy Subesi TL ACCOUNT
IBAN: TR 820001 5001 5800 72990 03638

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