Health Insurance



Each student attending Erasmus+ programme is obliged to get a health insurance which guarantees to cover all type of health expenditures during their mobility. Please be aware that the insurance asked for is not the typical travel health insurance. Travel health insurance, which is required for any kind of visa applications, does not cover your health expenditures at the country you will be residing during your exchange study period.

All the students have to bring a copy of their health insurance documents to the Erasmus Office before the start of their mobility.

Please find the link below of a company providing the suitable insurance and a sample of the insurance required.

There may be some other insurance companies providing the suitable insurance for a cheaper price than the one suggested above as a sample. It would be possible to get the required health insurance online after making a related search on the country you are planning to go. Average costs of the insurance- being subjected to change by the country are between € 1.40 and €1.94. It would be possible to get your health insurance by email once you make the payment.