Outgoing Procedures


Students who are selected as Erasmus students should follow the steps below:

  1. Consult the web pages of the universities they wish to go and see if they meet the requirements of the host university.
  2. Look for the courses offered in English or in the language they want to study and get a copy of the courses.
  3. Go and see your departmental Erasmus coordinator for approval.
  4. Once approved, write a petition to the Erasmus Office, listing 3 universities in the order of their preference, mention the time period of the exchange. Get the petition signed by the departmental coordinator and the faculty coordinator and bring it to the Erasmus Office. Please leave a copy to your departmental coordinator and another copy to your faculty coordinator.
  5. Students are placed by their departmental and faculty coordinators according to their Erasmus Points and places available.
  6. Faculty sends the placement list to the Erasmus Office.
  7. Erasmus Office nominates students to the host university. (Before nomination students cannot get in touch with the host university).

Important: Master’s Students

  1. The above mentioned steps are valid for Master’s students.
  2. They should determine their thesis topic and get the approval of their thesis director.

After Nomination

  1. Students should check the web site of the university that they are nominated for. Get all necessary information about the application procedure, the deadlines and requirements.
  2. Fill in the application form of the host university and provide the documents asked for.
  3. Send the application form to the host university in the way which is specified on host universities web site. (e.g. by electronic mail, hard copy regular post, etc.)
  4. Universities often ask for the Learning Agreement together with the application form.
  5. Fill in your Learning Agreement with the help of your departmental coordinator.
  6. Learning agreements should have 30 ECTS credit courses for one semester; 60 for two semesters. Credits amounts cannot be less than these values.
  7. After sending all your documents Host University will send you an Acceptance Letter. Please wait for the acceptance letter. Without Acceptance Letter you will not be able to proceed.

Visa Application

  1. Visa application should be done after the Acceptance Letter.
  2. Students are responsible for finding out all documents necessary for the visa information.
  3. All non-Turkish students should apply for the visa in Turkey.
  4. Erasmus Office will deliver you a certificate specifying the amount of grant that you will receive and the length of time.

After Visa and Grant Payments

  1. When everything is completed, students should open a Euro Account in any brach of Vakıfbank.
  2. They should bring their passport and visa copies and their account IBAN number to the Erasmus Office.
  3. A mutual responsibility agreement is signed between the University and the student.
  4. No payment can be issued before the agreement is signed.