Visa and Residence Permit


According to new implementations (April 11, 2014) regarding the visa and residence procedures of foreigners, Erasmus students can enter Turkey with a Tourist visa and still apply for a student residence permit.

General Health Insurance
According to new implementation, all Erasmus students have to get a health insurance that declares the following sentence in their insurance policy: “Insurance certificate is in line with the minimum criteria for residence permit applications which were defined in Turkish Regulation at 9/2014 circular dated on 6/6/2014.”

Please click below for requirements of health insurance policy:

Residence Permit
All Erasmus students have to apply for a residence permit in order to stay legally in Turkey. Students have to fill online application as soon as they know their arrival date to Turkey or within thirty days of their arrival in Turkey. Please find below the link for online application and follow the steps.

Step 1: Click on First Application

Step 2: Fill in all required information. Students who do not have a residence address in Istanbul, can use Okan University address as their home address. (Okan Universitesi Tuzla Kampusu - Akfırat- Tuzla 34959 Istanbul).

Step 5: Write down your reference number in Turkish, Print 3 copies of your appliaction and prepare all the documents required.

Documents Required for Residence Permit:

► Tax number
► Insurance
► 4 photos
► Passport Copy and Original Passport
► “Sigorta Tebliği” and “Gelir Beyanı” (These documents will be given by the Erasmus Office of Okan University)
► Copy of the online application
► Student Certificate (This document will be given by the Erasmus Office of Okan University)


First of all you have to get a Tax Number (passaport is required) to pay the fee.

You can get a tax number in Erenköy Vergi Dairesi which is near to Tax Office in Bostancı >> Please click

  1. After you get a tax number, fee for the residence permit application should be paid to (55 TL) "Rıhtım Vergi Dairesi", which is next to the Tax Office in Bostancı.
  2. Please keep the receipt, it is one of the required documents.