General Health Insurance


All exchange students are obliged to obtain a health insurance. The health insurance must cover your whole stay in Turkey. You may choose one of the health insurance options below:

- General Health Insurance by Turkish Social Security Institution

- Social Security agreements between certain countries and Turkish Social Security Institution

- A private insurance company in home country

- A private insurance company in Turkey

1. General Health Insurance by Turkish Social Security Institution

You may obtain General Health Insurance (GHI) by Turkish Social Security Institution (Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu, SGK) by paying "minimum premium amount" monthly.

In order to benefit from the GHI, students are required to apply in person to the Social Security Directorate in Istanbul (SGK) within 90 days upon official registration at the university. Further information may be provided by SGK.

2. Social Security agreements between certain countries and Turkish Social Security Institution

Turkish Social Security Institution has social security agreements with below mentioned countries:

Country Agreement Code
Germany A/T 11, A/T 12, A/T 23
Austria A/TR 3, A/TR3-A, TR/A6
The Netherlands N/TUR 106, N/TUR 111, N/TUR 112
Belgium BT.8, BT.10
T. R. N. C. K.K.T.C. / T.C. 3, K.K.T.C. / T.C. 5
Macedonia MC/TR 4, TR/MC 10
Romania R/TR 3
Albania AL/TR 4, AL/TR 10
Bosnia BH/TR4, BH/TR5
Czech Republic CZ/TR 111, CZ/TR 112
Luxembourg L/TR 3
France SE 208-01 FT, SE 208-02 FT SE 208-30 FT, SE 208-06 A FT, SE 208-28 FT,SE 208-09 FT

Students having foreign insurance from above mentioned countries may get a formulary from the institution to which they are registered in their home country. Students should submit this formulary to the Department of Foreign Services operating within the scope of Social Security Provincial Directorates/Social Security Centres in their residence; or to the Social Security Centres designated by Social Security Provincial Directorates in Turkey. Through the Document of Healthcare Benefits under Social Security Agreement, students can avail themselves from healthcare services in contracted health facilities, like other insured members of universal health insurance, free of charge excluding the rates of contribution and share which have to be paid legally by the insured himself/herself.

3. A private insurance company in home country

Students may get a private insurance company in their home country. Please ask the company if they may provide you a policy in Turkish or English.

4. A private insurance company in Turkey

For students who would like to get insurance in Turkey, click to here is the list of insurance companies in business

IMPORTANT: Minimum Policy Content
Your insurance policy should be in compliance with the requirements of the mandate for obtaining a residence permit in Turkey. Minimum coverage of your health insurance shall be like the chart below:

Minimum Policy Content

Contracted Institutions *Non- Contracted Institutions
Annual Minimum LimitContributionsAnnual Minimum LimitContributions
Outpatient Diagnosis Treatment 2.000. -TL Insured : % 40 Company : % 60 2.000.-TL Insured : % 40 Company : % 60
Inpatient Diagnosis Treatment Unlimited Insured : % 0 Company :% 100 20.000.-TL Insured : % 20 Company : % 80

This is a governmental requirement. Istanbul Okan University does not have any specific requirement for the health insurance of exchange students.

If you do not have an adequate health insurance until you apply for residence permit, you will be asked to sign the notification letter which would be provided by the Immigration Office as a commitment that you will apply to Turkish Social Security Institution for insurance within 3 months after your arrival in Turkey. If you fail to apply, then you need to obtain a private insurance. For more information, please contact the Immigration Office.


Okan University ESN (ESN Okan) will be assisting students to obtain the best bargain insurance in Turkey!

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