About the Department


Flight Training Department was established within the Faculty of Applied Sciences and began accepting the first pilot candidates in the academic year 2014 - 2015.

The program trains aviators and pilots who can fly in every region of the World with dynamic, fast-thinking and foreign language skills in the developing aviation sector by its unique educational approach.

Our students are trained as the best pilots by adopting the notion of aviation as well as meeting the current pilot need, thanks to our strong academic staff, dynamic and innovative education system and sectorial collaborations. Advantages of the program can be listed as follows;

  • Experienced academic staff,
  • Training in English,
  • Dynamic programs open to changes and developments in aviation sector,
  • Practical training with interdisciplinary knowledge technologies,
  • Instructional approach to theory, flight practice and research,
  • Possibility of cultural and social interaction between international students,
  • Mutual flight training conversion programs in internationally connected flight schools,

Modern synthetic training capability,

For Flight Training at İstanbul Okan University, which continues to work with the vision of "the university closest to the world of business", an important partnership has been formed with the Fenix Aviation which has experienced staff and superior technology. In this context, in parallel with the theoretical courses at Istanbul Okan University, flight training is conducted by the Fenix.

Besides, Istanbul Okan University offers graduates, who are successful in the election process, the chance to work as a pilot in Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines which are the leader companies of Turkish civil aviation.

Our students receive intensive English preparatory training prior to the four years of applied undergraduate study. In the first year of the undergraduate program, besides the beginner courses on civil aviation, courses that include basic mathematics and physics knowledge required by flight training are taken. From the third semester of the program, the necessary courses are given for the "ATPL (A) Pilot License" to be given by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation. This period includes a total of more than 215 hours of flight, as well as 780 hours of ground level course consisting of 14 basic fields.

Our training process are carried out in accordance with the regulations of the Civil Aviation General Directorate (DGCA) which is civil aviation authority in Turkey and are strictly inspected at each stage according to national and international regulations.

Istanbul Okan University will also accept those who want to become a pilot other than undergraduate students by its newly updated "Approved Training Organization" authorization certificate.