Sports Management


Sports Management, which covers a part of the multidisciplinary social sciences, include management, marketing organization, human resources, management of sports and economy. Sports Management courses are critical for all departments of Physical Education and Sport Schools. Department offers theoretical courses for students to give a broad perspective on organizational skills in the field of sport management . Department of Sports Management offers courses for students to develop their theoretical and practical knowledge. Our students have also the possibility of the Minor and Double Major programs. The European Union can take advantage of exchange programs with universities contracted within the framework of the Erasmus Programme.

Our department, which started education in 2008 under the name of "Sports Sciences", has been converted into the "Sports Management" Program since the 2010-2011 academic year. The main purpose of the Sports Management Department; Equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills, ready for the competitive environment of the national and international area and willing to bring the candidates to the sports industry.

The sports manager candidates who are trained in accordance with the required qualifications in the international arena are given the knowledge and skills required by the business life during their four-year education by associating them with sports.

Our department students; Theoretical lessons are given to give a broad perspective on basic subjects such as management sciences, business, organization, psychology, sociology, communication, human resources, leadership. In the 8th semester, O'COOP COOPerative Learning - Workplace Education program applied in the Department of Sports Management enables our students to apply their theoretical knowledge in business life. O'COOP COOPerative Learning-On-the-Job Training program is a program that gives our students the opportunity to work in the sports sector and enter the business life without graduating in the last semester of our undergraduate education.

Sports Management; It is a multidisciplinary and socially focused field that deals with the basic functional areas of the management area such as marketing, financing, human resources, economy together with the areas of sports industry such as event management, sponsorship and media communication. The Sports Management Program is an academic unit that offers students opportunities to improve their management and organizational skills. In addition, our students can benefit from the minor and double major opportunities that are being implemented at our university and exchange programs with the contracted universities within the framework of the Erasmus Program of the European Union. Within the framework of exchange and Erasmus programs, our students can do some of their education at prestigious universities in countries such as Finland, the Netherlands and Poland.