Department Chair's Message


While the rapid increase of aviation in the world and our country continues, the need for qualified personnel in all fields related to airway management is increasing day by day. Considering the speed of growth, it is predicted that pilot needs will also increase a lot in the near decades.

In order to contribute to the aviation sector in this direction, “Flight Training Undergraduate Program” was established and accepted the first pilot candidates in 2014-2015 Academic Year. The program is moving towards its goals with firm steps every year.

Being a pilot, a profession that requires self-sacrifice and discipline, becomes feasible with acquired knowledge and acquired skills at the end of a pleasurable but challenging educational process. The training process and the piloting profession earned at the end of this process are ensured to be at the highest quality and safety with the observation and supervision of national and international civil aviation authorities.

Our department has an innovative and dynamic approach with experienced academic staff and sectorial collaborations that will provide training at high quality and safety level. We have formed a partnership with Fenix Aviation which has experienced staff and superior technology for our flight trainings.

As Istanbul Okan University Flight Training Department, we believe that airline pilots we train will exceed the expectations of international standards and make a difference in the sector as the best pilots.