About the Department


Our department's objective is to prepare our students for a challenging career in the computer industry including information technologies, system design and development, software development, data communications, quality assurance and industrial controls. Teaching is conducted in Turkish and students with inadequate knowledge of English are required to follow a one year English preparatory class which is then followed by a four year program. Our curriculum consists of: Computer science based courses such as theory of computing, computer hardware, programming, computer organizations, algorithms and data structures, data mining, operating systems, software engineering, and Management based courses such as business administration, economics, statistics, law, marketing, administration of information systems.

To prepare students for the real working world, to allow them to gain valuable work experience and to provide a practical foundation for the career of their choice, an individualized industry internship has been developed. After graduation many students continue on working full time at their internship placements.

Students can apply for a double major or a minor program and may also study abroad within the framework of Erasmus programs. Students can also learn a second foreign language of their choice such as Arabic, Chinese, German or Russian.