About The Faculty


At the Faculty of Applied Sciencies, it is aimed to educate individuals who are able to keep pace with the rapid changes of the 21st Century, have implementation based infrastracture besides current theoretical knowledge of their profession and are ready to undertake the responsibilities which will be encountered in future.

At the School of Applied Sciences which started its academic year in 2004, the departments which have been developed by considering the fields where the business world is principally in need of qualified employees, are respectively:

  • Information Systems and Technologies ( founded in 2004)
  • Public Relations and Advertising ( founded in 2008)
  • Gastronomy (founded in 2009)
  • Sports Management (founded in 2009)
  • Flight Training (founded in 2013)
  • Aviation Management (founded in 2014)
  • New Media (founded in 2014)
  • Management Information Systems (founded in 2014)

Our Faculty of Applied Sciences which gives education in departments which are connected with the business world in accordance with our university’s aims, gives support in every stage of its education in order to prepare students for their job fields and make them have as much experience as possible with business life preparation programs, compulsory and optional internships.