The production of performance / activity, which forms the basis of the sports industry, has a very flexible structure and does not display a routine character. Similarly, sporting events are organized in a flexible period of time. For this reason, arrangements are made for students to gain quality experience by participating in important and featured activities instead of participating in applications for a limited time and at a predetermined time.

Students of the Department of Sports Management are required to do summer internships. The time of the compulsory internship is at least 4 weeks (20 working days) and students must complete 4 weeks of internship at one time (without a break, whole). Internship of the student who has not been approved by the internship commission or who left the internship without a valid excuse is considered invalid. Students can do their compulsory internship with the approval of the internship committee in organizations that meet the criteria specified in the department internship instruction. During the internship, students prepare an internship book related to their internship as specified in the internship directive. The internship book must be approved by the institution.