Special Education


The main function of our department is to train teachers in the field of special education, as well as to carry out research and projects that will contribute to the knowledge in this field at national and international levels and to provide services for all layers of the society in the field of special education.

Our Department, which was established in 2015, fulfills its function of training teachers in the field of special education with the Special Education Training Undergraduate Program. The initial core academic staff of our department has been enriched over time, and in parallel with this, research, project and social service studies have gradually gained speed and intensity.

A standard program developed by Council of Higher Education is applied in special education training programs in our country. In the program, there are compulsory common courses and elective courses that can change according to their fields of specialization. These are listed as Intellectual Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disability, Giftedness, Hearing Impairment and Visual Impairment. In the Special Education Training Undergraduate Program of our department, the specialization areas of "Intellectual Disability" and "Autism Spectrum Disorder" are taken into account.