Dean's Message


Dear Students,

Istanbul Okan University Faculty of Education was established in 2012. Considering the fields of our country needs, our faculty includes Guidance and Psychological Counseling, English Language Teaching, Pre-School Education and Special Education Teaching undergraduate programs, as well as Pre-School Education graduate program, Educational Administration and Supervision master's and doctorate programs.

The general purpose of our faculty is to train teachers, consultants and education experts who are competent in their profession in the fields that our country needs, who understand the link between education and development, attach importance to investigation and research.

The main purpose of our education and training activities is to carry out lessons related to specific areas, teaching profession knowledge and general culture for our graduates to gain the knowledge and skills required to become a teacher, and also to carry out various activities to increase the quality of education with theses and projects at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

In our lessons, we prepare you for your profession by using theory, practice, and research simultaneously, using technology and learning management systems in the most effective way.

As well as our campus facilities, which offers us great opportunities in our courses, practices and research, Okan Educational Institutions (PreK-12) kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, and high school, located next to our campus, are considered a laboratory for us. We conduct our practice courses in cooperation with schools of Okan Educational Institutions, surrounding schools, special education and rehabilitation centers, guidance and research centers.

In the courses in our faculty, besides technology supported classrooms, we use computer laboratories, Guidance and Psychological Counseling rooms, material development and visual arts room, music and drama room, dance and gymnasiums, conference halls, and we get support from our learning center.

At our university, we offer a pool of happy life courses, elective career development courses, 2nd foreign language courses and university elective courses that you can choose according to your interests, abilities and needs. At the end of the first year, students who meet the success conditions can do a double major or minor program by being accepted from a second program.

We support you in your development and change with its valuable staff and university environment, which guides you to reach your goals, opens your horizons and guides you in a very beautiful, big garden, in a peaceful and safe campus.

Training of generations who will raise the world and the Republic of Turkey will be possible with the teacher candidates who as you are enthusiastic, motivated, equipped with problem-solving skills, productive, competent in their professions. We wish you the pride and happiness of being a graduate of Istanbul Okan University Faculty of Education with the vision and values you have gained.