About the Department


The main function of our Department, which was established in 2016, is to educate special education teachers who will able to work with these children, their families, teachers, administrators and community leaders in order to meet the needs of the children with special needs and their families. In relation to this function, our Department has a Special Education Training Undergraduate Program. The Program consists of theoretical and practical courses.

Our Department also carries out educational researches and projects in related with various areas of special education.

Our mission, in the light of universal values, is to educate high-quality teachers in the field of Special Education by taking advantage of science, technology and art knowledge, as well as to contribute to national and universal development with the production of knowledge and technology to be provided in the fields of education, research and service.

Our vision is to integrate scientific knowledge in the field of Special Education with education and academic studies, to defend the rights of individuals who need special education and their immediate environments, and to provide effective services to all levels of society in the further development of effective social policies, practices and especially educational arrangements for these individuals.