Department Chair's Message


Dear Students,

By considering the most needed fields among the education domains, our faculty has the Pre-School Education program under the Department of Primary Education and Pre-School Teaching undergraduate program.

The 0-6 age period, which we call the preschool period or early childhood period, forms the basis of all developmental areas such as cognitive, social-emotional, motor and personality development of the future life of individuals. Educational environments and programs arranged in line with the developmental characteristics and needs of children present a great sensitivity. Learning environments offered to children by qualified educators in the early years can be an investment for the future of a country. The Department of Primary Education within the body of Istanbul Okan University has adopted this understanding and brought together the faculty members who have demonstrated themselves with their studies in the field of pre-school education under the roof of the Department of Primary Education of our Faculty for the education of pre-school teachers.

Okan College which exists within the structure of Istanbul Okan University is supported by our faculty and by Elementary Education Department in accord with 21st Century educational approaches. Through the partnership between Istanbul Okan University and Okan College, Okan College’s students are receiving knowledge and skills in productive learning environments. Our students are better prepared for their teaching positions by participating in teaching internships in an actual classroom environment at Okan College.

The main objective of this department is to cultivate teachers who like their profession, have the qualities of educator, develop their knowledge and skills, spend their time efficiently and have the ability to communicate effectively.

The department provides a multi-disciplinary study for the students through partnership with the other faculties and departments in the university.

We wish success to all teacher candidates with the wish to explore the intricacies of the teaching profession together.