About the Faculty


Istanbul Okan University Faculty of Education aims to contribute to train the qualified manpower deficit that our country needs in the field of education with qualified pre-service and in-service programs;aims to contribute to educational sciences and teacher training at national and international level by conducting educational research and scientific research.Faculty of Education was established with our founding dean, Prof.Dr. Ali İlker Gümüşeli, and our strong academic staff in 2012.

In 2012, Psychological Counseling and Guidance and English Language Teaching undergraduate programs, Pre-School Education and Educational Management and Supervision graduate programs and pedagogical formation certificate programs were established in our faculty. By considering the most needed fields among the education domains, Preschool Teaching undergraduate program and Educational Management and Supervision doctorate program in 2013 and Special Education Teaching undergraduate program in 2015 were established besides to our other programs. We continue to work on establishing the Special Education master's program and new departments and programs at the undergraduate level, detailed information about new programs will be provided after the approval of YÖK.

The aim of our Faculty is to create an exciting, collaborative and innovative teaching environment and to train prospective teachers with the necessary competencies to successfully perform their profession.The faculty considers academic research and teaching complementing each other so students are taught how to conduct research, which is an important skill to follow the modern innovations in teaching. It carries out educational programs providing students to use innovative technologies effectively and to gain the necessary entrepreneurship and creativity skills to transform original ideas into products.