Department Chair’s Message


A Turkish saying goes, “One language: One person.” Would you consider teaching a foreign language to people and making them more than one person? Are you interested in a foreign language studies? Would you like to improve your foreign language? Would you consider earning your living on your skills in that foreign language? Does the idea of being a teacher sound good to you? Do you want to work at a job of lots of fun and creativity?

If you answered “Yes!” for even one of those questions, then you are in the right place: Foreign Language Teaching can be a very suitable Department for you. While learning the subtleties from the philosophy of teaching to a variety of teaching techniques, you will also take your first passionate step on to the magical world of language. You will grasp the knowledge and gain the skill of every aspect of being a foreign language teacher from needs analysis to syllabus design, from method specification to materials design and to testing and evaluation techniques. Your greatest reward is still waiting for you upon your entrance into your own class after your graduation: Unsurpassed feeling of delight, pride and happiness as you teach your students a language that they have not known before and the skills that they have been unable to do in that language before, and as you watch your students improve lesson by lesson.

Even if you don’t much consider being a teacher, you can work in any sector that requires a use of a foreign language. Besides, your teaching diploma is a golden key for you to open many job opportunities to work in a decent place.

So, welcome! Welcome to the colourful world of language teaching. We are looking forward to meeting with you soon.