Department Chair's Message


All utility objects, which formed our environment and be able to manufacture as mass-production are establish subject of Industrial Design. In other words, pens, glasses, cars, chairs, kitchen utensils etc, covers a wide area field of study in industrial design. An Industrial Designer, who create new designs and improve substantial designs, is work in these areas.

A designer, who determines, changes, offers alternative for the life style with her/his designs, is improves new usages for life. Because of this, the designer must be able to analyse the environment, the people, the technology and the different cultures. The designer need to have an identity which can appraises and comments the result of these analyses for her/his new design and ideas.

In the Industrial Design education covers various features of all the art branches, the technology, the economy and the legal system. In the education of Industrial Design is combines the teorical knowledge with the practical knowledge. The aim of the Industrial Design education is to train new designer which is able to creative thinking, participate in team work, reach the original design solutions.

The students who graduate from an industrial design department work as an Industrial Designer in electronic, communication, furniture, white applicances, jewellery, packaging and automative areas. Also they can work as freelance and adviser.