Our Mission


Okan University Department of Architecture aims to train students to become creative and contemporary architects who are well equipped with the knowledge of cutting edge technologies, historical and social awareness, sensitivity to the environment and ethics. With the education where theory and practice are carried out together in English; it is aimed to train architects who have internalized architectural concepts and are qualified in foreign languages, possess required specifications for the sector and will be present in international competition.

Our educational model is based on praxis (learning by practicing) and focuses upon developing leadership skills and entrepreneurship qualities necessary for successful architects. By incorporating working architects’ active contribution into the design education, we bring students into close contact with the professional sphere from the earliest phases of their education, thus fully preparing them for the careers they will pursue after graduation.

Thus Okan University Department of Architecture aims to train its students to become architects who have internalized the concepts of architecture, who are qualified in foreign languages, who possess the qualifications required by the industry, and who are able to compete at the international level.