About the Department


Industrial Product Design involves designing all kinds of mass-production consumer product by considering users' needs. This department aims to train industrial product designers who can create solutions to problems of form, usability, ergonomics and production, and who can interact with and successfully coordinate other disciplines during the process of developing new products.

After the first year of foundation studies that aims to develop creativity and three dimensional thinking, during the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years technical knowledge and skills supplement the studio courses in which students get engaged in every step of the design process. It is ensured that students learn every stage of the processes of project and product development, starting from market research, concept development, to the resolution of production details and final product.

The graduates of this program will have job opportunities in all sectors that require mass production, including electronics and communication, furniture, jewellery, display and exhibition, packaging, and automobiles.Moreover, they can also work as freelance designers, acting as consultants for the companies in these fields.