Industrial Product Design


The Department of Industrial Product Design includes designing all kinds of use goods that can be mass produced for the needs of user groups.The purpose of this department is to train industrial product designers who can offer solutions to such problems, form, usability, ergonomics, production, etc. interact with different disciplines in the new product development process and successfully coordinate this process when necessary.

First year basic art and design education is taught for the development of creativity with the ability to think in three dimensions. Then with studio courses, the design process is learned by applying the design process one-to-one, are supported with technical knowledge and skills. In the new product development process, starting from user and market research, concept development and production details are resolved through these concepts, it is ensured that every stage on the way to the final product is learned by the students.

Students who graduate from this department have job opportunities in all areas that mass-produced goods are manufactured, from the electronics and communication sector, furniture, white goods, jewelry, display and display, lighting, packaging and automotive sectors, as well as providing consultancy to such sectors as freelance designers.