Department Chair's Message



Department of Architecture in Istanbul Okan University is founded on 2008-2009 Academic Year in the structure of Engineering-Architecture Faculty. The 4 year Bachelors Program in English is that we have started. Beginning from the 2015-2016 academic year, our Department has located in the structure of Art, Design and Architecture Faculty with two Bachelors Program one in English an done in Turkish. Our educational programs has been developed over time in line with the worldwide expectancies of architecture education. We have enriched the number of our academic staff significantly, parallel with the gradual increase in the number of students. Flexible programs are offered to the students besides their own programs such as transfer and double major programs in order to enable students take part in.

We provide suitable and sustainable conditions for our graduates to “educate themselves” in a way who achieves his own architectural personality of having historical and social awareness, environmental and ethical sense, being well-informed about the latest technologies also with a creative and critical identity that civilized people have.

In project studios, we benefit from the experiences of architects who are in the creative practice of real world architecture, and dynamic young academicians, who are equipped with innovative visions in academic field. We present our learners (students) opportunity of being in contact with professional life. Compulsory programs are supported with hobby and entrepreneurship courses, which are adorned with rich professional, elective, living culture and art. We benefit from EU Erasmus exchange programs. Our university’s senior management provides required support of our department and programs with their open minded approach and encourage us for a continuous development.

Our only dream / aim / priority is to make contribution for the education of architects, especially those who love their profession with dignity and ethics of the human being also being creative. Welcome to Istanbul Okan University and our department if you believe in turning the profession of love to a hobby and entertainment and share our educational goals.