Department Chair's Message


Our department runs programs in four different language pairs: English-Turkish, Russian-Turkish, Chinese-Turkish, and Arabic-Turkish. For translator & interpreter training in Turkey, such a combination is only available at Okan University. In addition, two of the programs are supported by our partner universities in Russia and China.

With our dynamic and student-oriented programs, we aim to meet a gradually increasing need for qualified translators and interpreters and communication specialists in Turkey, which has recently developed economic, technological, and cultural relations with Western and Eastern countries.

Curricula in our programs have a modular structure. An option of oral and written translation modules for graduation is available in the fourth year. In the interpreting module, we focus on training liaison, consecutive, and simultaneous interpreting, whereas translating texts in expertise like trade, economy, and finance are the focal points in the written translation module.

In each program, students have five options for second or third foreign languages: English, German, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian.

Due to a multilingual and multicultural academic structure, students may join international activities, also spending one semester studying abroad through the Russian Cultural Center, The Okan Confucius Institute, The Okan-Egyptian Cultural Center.

Additionally, we also have a Translation Studies Master's Program, which is designed based on recent academic studies in the field.