Department Chair's Message


Our Translation Studies Department is the only department of its kind in Turkey to offer Translation and Interpreting Programs in five different languages - two Western and three Eastern languages. Fostering its relations with the European Union remains a strong priority for Turkey in the 21st century. However, the new millennium has also ushered in significant changes in world geopolitics and trade, with Russia and China gaining increasing prominence due to their swiftly developing economies and dynamic potential. As a result, Turkey too strives to strengthen its relations with these two rising powers. On the other hand, Turkey’s increased political and economic interactions with lands of the Middle East have led to an ever-growing focus on Arabic-speaking countries as well. This being the case, we offer our students education not only in English and German, but in Arabic, Chinese, and Russian Translation and Interpreting too. The image of the translator as someone who sits at his or her desk toiling over a text is now a thing of the past.

Today’s translators have to provide effective communication between people belonging to different language and culture families as well as people coming from different fields of expertise. What’s more, they must do so using the state-of-the-art information technology which practitioners of translation are expected to master. Our aim is to meet Turkey’s ever growing need for translators and communication specialists, as the country fosters economic, technological, and cultural ties with societies of both the East and the West. The multilingual structure of our department gives our students the opportunity to develop their translation skills in several different languages, as is increasingly expected of today’s translators. The translation education that we provide is constantly growing and developing thanks to academic research coming out of the field of Translation Studies. Moreover, our department ensures that students gain a solid footing in the field, making it possible for them to further their education in Translation Studies graduate programs.