Okan Psychology Days


Purposes of Okan Psychology Days

For the students
  • To provide the students with the opportunity of getting to know different scientists from different universities and realizing different studies and approaches.
  • To provide the students with a discussion and sharing environment, outside their classrooms where they can find the opportunity to learn how to think scientifically.
  • To bring psychology students from different universities together and create the opportunity for them to get to know each other.
  • To let the students observe the attitudes of the guests outside the university circles towards the subjects being discussed, the value they have for scientific knowledge, their questions, and their problems about the subject matter.

For the guests outside the university circles

  • To encourage people to spare one day for psychology every two weeks and let them have that chance
  • To provide people with the opportunity to listen to scientists, to have access to scientific knowledge and to ask questions to them in a university atmosphere together with university students.

For colleagues

  • To have the chance to listen to seminars about their work fields
  • To have the chance of reaching scientists they would otherwise not have the chance and to be able to ask them questions.

For scientists

  • To give us-the scientists- the chance of speaking to large number of audience.
  • To have the opportunity to share our knowledge and ideas with different students and people from public.

Long-term purposes

  • To increase the prestige of the scientific knowledge among society.
  • To help our society to understand the value and use of scientific knowledge.
  • To increase the trust felt for scientist in the society.
  • To make people see that science, scientists and scientific institutions

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Head of Department of Psychology
Prof. Dr. Arif Haldun Soygür