Department Chair's Message


The main objective of the sociology program at Okan University is to offer an outstanding learning environment to our undergraduate students at an international level. Okan University is dedicated to become a well-connected institution, to respond to both public and private needs and also to promote interdisciplinary work. In line with this vision, our target is to equip our students with analytical, conceptual and practical skills and expertise they could use in different sectors.

The courses in the sociology program cover main sociological schools in the discipline as well as contemporary theoretical approaches, which are designed to make our students proficient at current debates that affect Turkey as much as the rest of the world. Besides, it offers a methods course for quantitative and qualitative research useful in many respects for our students’ future career. The program includes interdisciplinary courses on globalization, glocalisation, identity, politics of the body, visual culture, gender and the sociology of everyday life.

The privilege of studying at Okan University is the flexibility and the variety of programs that it offers. Students can take elective courses from different departments, all of which are located in the Tuzla Campus: Art, Design and Architecture, Law, Business and Administrative Sciences, Engineering, and lastly, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Students not only gain necessary skills and knowledge in their own fields, but are also encouraged to become responsible, ethical, and creative members of the society. Our programs promote critical and analytical thinking along with good communication skills that would help students to tackle contemporary problems.

Sociology Department supports its students throughout their education by encouraging them to participate in research activities conducted by academic, public or private institutions and workshops and seminars uniting science, business and art, thus enabling them to be introduced with voluntary work, internship positions and employers.

Dear Prospective Sociologists,
We invite you to join us for a cutting-edge sociology program at Okan University.