Translation and Interpreting in English


Translation and Interpreting Studies in English was founded in the 2003-2004 academic year as the first Department under The Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies.

With its eminent and experienced faculty members, the department aims to educate translators and interpreters for careers in various sectors of business life.

English, the "global common language," is the dominant medium of communication in both social and commercial areas and the academic world. All these aspects increase the number of texts translated from English and the need for "competent" translators. Today, competent translators who know English are employed in translation agencies and companies of varying business scales.

Besides specializing in English as the first foreign language, our department students learn German, Russian, Chinese, or Arabic as a second foreign language. Besides, our students benefit significantly from Erasmus exchange programs.

The students of the Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies in English are prepared for their professional lives by doing internships at various institutions such as translation companies, tourism enterprises, import-export firms, chambers of commerce, television channels, newspapers, and magazines, and subtitling and dubbing companies.