Career Opportunities


Our graduates can make use of the knowledge of psychology and scientific thinking abilities they get throughout their education in quite many fields. The areas of work they can direct their career towards are both state and private institutions as the following:

  • Nursery kindergartens and nursery schools,
  • Hospitals, healthcare centers, and other psychological health centers,
  • Psychological counseling centers,
  • Human resources departments of institutions,
  • Public Relations and Advertising Sectors,
  • Retirement homes,
  • Child protection institutions,
  • Institutions dealing with the physically and mentally handicapped,
  • Sports clubs,
  • Juvenile courts and halls
  • Jails and detention houses,
  • Universities for academic career,
  • All educational institutions,
  • Various industrial establishments,
  • Research companies,
  • Psycho technique centers,
  • Guidance and counseling centers (schools and institutions),
  • Private training centers,