Dean's Message


Leading a prolific and successful life together with enhancing the quality of life depends completely on being healthy. It is true that promoting health is achievable through a multidisciplinary approach. First by health education then by health management, nutrition and sport, we explore the most significant disciplines in the development of health. This multi-disciplined approach paves the way for specialization, origination and evolution of new professions while serving public health. Today, besides doctors and nurses, who take charge in the eldest health professions, hundreds of health professions participate in the presentation of health, as well.

Our Faculty of Health Sciences continues in “Health Management”, “Nursing”, “Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation”, “Nutrition and Dietetic” and “Child Development” fields, which are the most important health disciplines.

All departments of Medical Sciences School operate with the aim of achieving Istanbul Okan University's main philosophy-being closest to business life. The departments provide both practice and theory hand in hand through many protocols with distinguished hospitals. Besides English preparatory program, it is envisaged for our graduates to have a good command of at least two foreign languages. Our graduates are intellectuals distinguished not only for their professional abilities but also for their sensitivity to national problems, individual and societal health problems. Our aim is to train sanitarians who constantly pursue knowledge, improve himself/herself scientifically, produce and transfer all his/her knowledge and experience to others.