Career Opportunities


The main goal of the “Child Developmentalist” is to evaluate the mental, language, motor, social and emotional development areas of children who are between 0-18 years of age, with special needs, in need of protection, at risk and in hospital, and to support the child and family by developing appropriate programs. The child developmentalist develops tools to evaluate the development of children, advises individuals, institutions and organizations in the field in line with their needs, and provides publishing and research services. Using contemporary approaches, it develops projects related to children, families, educators and society, and realizes and disseminates projects to the best interests of children and families in every segment of the society.

“Child Developmentalists” can work in institutions and organizations affiliated to "Ministry of Health", "Ministry of Family and Social Policies", "Ministry of National Education", "Ministry of Justice", "Ministry of Interior" and other relevant ministries. They can also work in international organizations such as “UNICEF”. Child developmentalists can work in the preparation and execution of programs for children and young people in print and visual media, in the design and production of "educational toys / products", in children's theaters and films. They can also work as academic staff in universities. In addition, they can work as managers, consultants, experts and project managers in all these institutions.