Department Chair's Message


Dear Students,

Applicable to various areas of medicine, physiotherapy and rehabilitation is a scientific discipline that treats and remedies the functional conditions after every kind of disease that causes movement disabilities, injuries, senility and pain and functional disorders. A physiotherapist is a healthcare professional who treats functional limitations, pain, disabilities and disorders caused by injuries, diseases, congenital deformities, movement disabilities or any other cases, having occupational autonomy to employ specific measurement, evaluation and examination techniques. The physiotherapist also designs, implements, re-evaluates and reports physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs for improving functional capacity in line with the specialist physician’s diagnosis. For healthy individuals, the physiotherapist plans relevant exercises, and special programs to prolong healthy physical functions.

Along with the wide range of work opportunities in both private and public health sectors, physiotherapists can also continue their postgraduate studies after graduation, become associate professors and professors and work as instructors in physiotherapy and rehabilitation departments.

As part of the School Of Medical Sciences at Okan University, the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department continues to flourish and will welcome students in the new academic year.

The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department’s program is developed in line with the developing country’s university programs and includes one preparatory and four undergraduate years. Our education program covers basic sciences, clinic sciences, occupational courses, research methodologies, seminars and clinic studies in order to plan and apply treatment programs for the problems stated above. Our department offers students clinical practices at the most distinguished hospitals in Istanbul in such areas as neurologic and neurosurgical rehabilitation, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, pediatric rehabilitation, women’s health and gynecologic rehabilitation, hand surgery rehabilitation, occupational therapy, rheumatologic rehabilitation, prosthesis-orthesis and biomechanics, sports health and rehabilitation etc. Students will also have opportunities for summer internships at both national and foreign health care institutions.

We are welcome all candidate physiotherapy and rehabilitation students to choose a promising profession in demand all around the world.

I wish you all health, success and a shining future…