Department Chair's Message


Dear Students,

The most important asset of man is health and the way of being healthy is through nutrition. By learning about nutrition, you will be competent to develop and change your health first, then the health of those close to you, and then the health of the community. Factors affecting human health are the human genetics and the environment in which they live. Diet comes at the beginning of environmental factors. The nutritional style that individuals apply can eighter treat the diseases caused by genetics or worsens. The health of society is directly proportional to the health of the individuals constituting the society. The nutrition that forms the basis of health is a scientific discipline and it is unique to the individual. It is as difficult to learn as it is to teach "Nutrition" that everyone thinks they knew. Healthy eating needs to be learned and maintained throughout life. Healthy eating is changing people's behaviors related to eating, adapting to good practices that they are not familiar with, creating good behaviors and making them good habits. This requires an educational process for those who have not received nutrition education. In this training process, sufficient, balanced and healthy nutrition rules should be taught to those who want to be healthy and those who have certain diseases. In order to be able to do this training, to organize and implement the proper nutrition order, it is necessary to be a trained health professional in this regard. Dietitians are the only healthcare professionals are competent and knowledgeable in this subject. That's why dietitians education is extremely important to get counseling for them to do it. In this context, the curriculum of our Department of Nutrition and Dietetics has been prepared on the basis of the programs of the departments that teach this topic in the world and in Turkey. Academic staff members are highly experienced and pioneer in their field. Students who prefer the department will meet with a qualified, constructive, contemporary and participatory educational program in a beautiful university setting.

You graduated from the department as a dietician. A dietitian is a person who has been trained in nutrition and dietetics who make special dietary and nutritional plans for people by evaluating the rules of nutrition science, nutritional habits and practices of people of all ages and situations and educating them to comply with this plan. It has been identified by internationally recognized institutions. Istanbul Okan University's Health Sciences Faculty's Department of Nutrition and Dietetics aims to create and develop any sub-structure that will provide the quality of undergraduate education in the frame of the mission and vision stated. It is our first strategy to educate professionals who learn to learn, question, research, have ethical values, love their profession, and respect human beings.

Students who successfully complete the department can continue their graduate and doctoral education if they wish. Istanbul Okan University Institute of Health Sciences program for this purpose, in the period 2012-2013, Nutrition and Dietetics Graduate Program was opened. The first Ph.D. program in Istanbul in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics was opened in Istanbul Okan University Institute of Health Sciences in 2013-2014 academic year. Interest in Nutrition and Dietetics graduate and doctoral programs has increased day by day and the number of enrolled students has exceeded 260.

I wish all my students a happy, healthy and successful days in university life, I embrace all of you with affection.