Department Chair's Message


Dear Students,

Istanbul Okan University’s Faculty of Medical Sciences Nursing Department started to welcome students in the academic year of 2009. Following the completion of a-year English preparatory class, the students of Nursing Department pursue their four year undergraduate education.

The mission of Nursing Department is to raise nurses who fulfill their duties, recognize the legal responsibilities, respect the values of the society, pay great attention to patient rights, give autonomous nursing decisions, give service at national and international platforms, have diagnosis and evaluation abilities and who are inquiring, trustable, self-confident, entrepreneurs, active, interrogators in line with Ataturk Principles and Reforms.

The vision is to be a department that has the latest technology and knowledge, serve both the patients and other individuals in the society through team work and holistic approach. We also envisage our students to be among most distinguished nurses in national and international health care circles.

I would like to welcome our students with the principle of 'together towards success' with our faculty members, students and other employees in a team spirit.