As universities have become more international, orientation programs gained importance and have become a necessity for everyone, specially for new comers but also for senior students. The purpose of the orientation is to inform and integrate new comers into the university.

At the beginning of each academic year, an orientation day is organized to introduce the units and facilities of the university to the international students and help them to feel at home on the university campus sites. Following on from this, welcome services and events are ongoing throughout the year.

The orientation will be represented as a meeting session, where new comers can expect important advices and learn useful informations about the university, its facilities, faculties and programs. In addition, students will have the opportunities to meet administrators and others students, familiarize with campus services, give remarks, ask questions and more.

It is recommended for all students, new comers along with senior students, to attend this event. Join us many and come meet the actors of guidance, education and training, as well as professionals who came to testify the daily life of their profession.