COURSE Registration

COURSE Registration

At the beginning of each semester every student is required to register online (OIS) for his/her courses which are on his/her curriculum. Students should consult their academic advisors before selecting the courses. Advisor email address can be seen within OIS. After selecting courses through OIS you should get advisor approval so when you finish your course regiStration, click “send for advisor approval” button get the approval of your advisorAfter finilizing approval stage your online courses will be transfered to O’LEARN so that you can follow your online courses through O’LEARN Blackboard.
For course registration period please check the academic calendar.

In order to make course registration through OIS, you shouldn’t have any debt (overdue payment) otherwise you can not make your course registration through OIS and if you miss OIS course registration period ,you will have to make it manually by filling manuel course regsitration form and sending to your faculty secretery . This process takes too much time and it may cause you to miss your coursesIn case you have debt (overdue payment) your manuel course regsitration can not be proceeded as well.

So in order to make course regsitration through OIS safely, please meet yoır payment plan and make sure that you do not have any debt.

If you can not make course regsitration and if your courses are not transfered to your transcript your residence permit application are not approved as immigration Office considers you as a passive student because you do not have courses in the system.

Students who study in master with thesis program also should make course registration for thesis through OIS otherwise they can not be active student in system. Thesis regsitaration should be in their OIS systems.

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