Institutional Purpose And Objectives


Goals and Objectives in the field of education;

Future physicians has been trained with an adopted professional ethical values which designed by using educational content and educational methods compatible with national and international standards, aiming to provide health services to the society and individuals, taking into account the needs of our country and region, open to communication, and having the professional knowledge, skills and attitude. In addition to providing qualified and holistic health services, it has adopted the principles of scientific research and has access to the up-to-date information and technology required by the age.

Physicians who graduated from Istanbul Okan University Faculty of Medicine;

  • Describe the natural mechanism, development and basic structure of humans in terms of molecules, cells, tissues and systems,
  • Examine abnormal structures and mechanisms in the human body, explain them with information based on scientific research, and evaluate the causes of diseases by taking into account the interaction of individuals with their environment,
  • Have basic and clinical medical knowledge,
  • Provide first-stage treatment for common diseases in society using effective methods and based on scientific data,
  • Know and perform preventive medicine and forensic medicine practices,
  • Evaluate the effects of environmental factors on human health,
  • Have knowledge about the structure and functioning of the National Health system,
  • Evaluate the effects of health systems, policies and practices on individual and community health,
  • Define legal responsibilities and ethical rules,
  • Know at least one foreign language well in order to access and communicate with current medical literature and uses statistics and various computer programs when evaluating scientific studies,
  • Apply the knowledge, skills and behaviors required for patient management in accordance with the modern understanding of medicine,
  • Apply the professional skills required for diagnosis and treatment,
  • Treats patients in emergency situations and transports patients when necessary,
  • Act in accordance with professional values, ethical principles and legal regulations,
  • Assume responsibility for lifelong learning and conducts self-evaluation,
  • Produce scientific projects, participates in scientific meetings and can organize these meetings,
  • They will adopt that their primary duty is to protect and improve human life and health, they will care about teamwork in the field of health, they will be sensitive to the health problems of the society, and they will take into account the rules of professional ethics in their relations with colleagues and healthcare personnel.
  • They will observe all the principles of medical ethics while performing their profession, they will understand the importance of providing accurate information to patients and their relatives about their health status and obtaining their informed consent for any intervention to be made to patients, they will be aware of the importance of establishing honest and effective communication with patients, their relatives, colleagues and all stakeholders, and Respects patient rights.
  • They will adopt a scientific and critical thinking approach and will be aware of the need to update their professional knowledge throughout their medical career; have the responsibility of being able to intervene as a physician in emergency situations.

Goals in the Field of Service:

  • Monitoring and evaluating events/developments on the agenda of society and the world in the field of health and developing and implementing projects focusing on the solution of health problems,
  • To provide health education for individuals, families and groups with special needs in order to protect and improve public health,
  • To provide health services with a holistic approach that aims to prevent, treat and improve health,
  • To increase patient satisfaction and service quality with the health services offered,
  • To train qualified physicians who are sensitive, have adopted ethical principles and can raise awareness in improving and protecting public health,
  • To ensure communication and satisfaction with all our internal and external stakeholders, as well as patients, their relatives and healthcare professionals.

Goals in the Field of Research:

  • To increase the number of qualified scientific publications and citations per faculty member in order to be among the respected medical faculties in the world and in our country,
  • Producing projects and patents at national/international level,
  • To cooperate with other institutions and industry in the field of research,
  • To encourage faculty members and students to conduct research, scientific projects and publications together