Vision / Mission / Values


Our Vision

Is to provide pre- and post - graduate medical education in line with the goals adopted by the contemporary world, attaching importance to scientific research, aiming to train academics who can share the information obtained as a result of these studies in academia and realize this information, to protect the health of population at first and then to treat their diseases at the highest level. Aiming to be a medical school that considers it a duty to be an innovative center of excellence in the future.

Our Mission

Physicians who are graduated from İstanbul Okan University Medical Faculty,

  • Embrace the founding philosophy of the Republic of Turkey, who are sensitive to national and international health problems, who can easily communicate with their patients in a foreign language or languages they know, who have easy access to medical information and who can apply them rationally,
  • Being able to provide community-oriented health services in the light of evidence-based medical information within the framework of legal regulations, keeping the values and principles of the medical profession at the forefront,
  • Will be able to take part as a team leader in the health care provided to patients,
  • Combining theoretical and applied knowledge in the field of health with those coming from different disciplines and sharing them with relevant institutions and individuals by integrating them,
  • Aiming to train physicians who can convey medical information, problems and solution suggestions to different segments of the society by following effective communication elements while providing health services,
  • Aiming to prioritize patient rights,
  • To become a medical school that can make its name known with the scientific meetings it holds in post-graduate medical education.

Our Values

  • Social responsibility
  • Scientific competence
  • Respect for human, patient and physician rights
  • Commitment to ethical values
  • Continuous improvement and
  • To provide services without discrimination based on language, religion, gender and race.