Manipulation Laboratory

Manipulation Laboratory

A dentist should be able to think three dimensionally and produce in this manner. Even if he/she does not have sufficient hand skills, this should definitely be developed prior to clinic.

Especially in the first class, various preclinical training sessions are carried out in the manipulation laboratory in order to improve hand skills of our students aimed at dentistry.

The Manipulation Laboratory of Okan University Faculty of Dentistry was built to allow 60 students to receive a modern preclinical education at the same time. In our Manipulation Laboratory, the students are able watch the practices and lectures of their instructors simultaneously or a recorded training video from LCD monitors on their personal working tables to be used mutually by two students side by side, thanks to the hi-tech camera and audio setup on the instructor table.

Moreover, a big 'Plaster and Acrylic Laboratory' suitable for simultaneous use by 60 students, connected to our Manipulation Laboratory containing personal work tables of our students, was also prepared in our faculty. Both laboratories are equipped with cutting-edge dental devices, instruments and materials.

Our students also use our 'Plaster and Acrylic', 'Metal Cast' and 'Ceramics' laboratories equipped with cutting-edge dental devices and casting and ceramics furnaces during their preclinical education, beginning from the first year.

In this context, our Manipulation Laboratory is a part of the 'Preclinical Laboratory Complex' prepared specific to our faculty, where our students are acquainted with current materials and cutting-edge devices and instruments used in dentistry, improve their hand skills, learn how to use plaster, acrylic and impression materials, watch and experiment on making casts and porcelain beginning from the first year.

Thanks to this original structure, we offer our students the opportunity to rapidly develop their knowledge and skills.