Dean's Message


Dear Students,
Welcome to İstanbul Okan University Faculty of Dentistry,

In our Faculty, which started its education life with the Turkish Dentistry Program in the academic year of 2014 - 2015; together with the English Dentistry Program, since the 2017 - 2018 academic year, we have been continuing Dentistry education in both Turkish and English Programs.

We are proud to meet our new first-year students in the new academic year, who choose dentistry as a profession and lifestyle and want to make a difference as a fully equipped dentist, as well as our senior students.

In eight Departments within the Clinical Sciences Division of our Faculty; we have started with a very strong academic staff, each having competence, contemporary knowledge and skills, research abilities, the concept of evidence-based dentistry and vision in the national and international platforms in their respective fields. We are constantly growing and strengthening with new academic members of our Faculty.

We are determined and committed to bring our Faculty of Dentistry to the highest academic level in a very short time by integrating with the principles of İstanbul Okan University which prioritize contemporary education, research and scientific development, and support success.

We carry out the first two years of our five-year dentistry curriculum in the "Health Sciences Education Complex" at Tuzla Campus of our University. Our students take the theoretical courses and the practical training from our experienced academic staff in our fully equipped Manipulation, Simulation and Plaster and Acrylic Laboratories which provide a contemporary preclinical education to gain knowledge and skill to treat patients clinically. They also have the advantage of taking the theoretical and practical courses of basic medical sciences from the valuable academic staff of İstanbul Okan University Faculty of Medicine, in the same building.

The University Campus fully-equipped with contemporary and high-tech education facilities, also provides a pleasant environment to the students where they can socialize, perform their hobbies and experience the university student life intensively.

In our Faculty, unlike many Dentistry Faculties, Clinical Education starts in the 3rd year. Our clinical training program is intensively carried out in the last three years and Multidisciplinary Clinical Training is given in the 5th year to prepare our students for their professional lives.

Since 2017 - 2018 academic year, we carry out the clinical education program in our "Faculty of Dentistry Education and Training Hospital” which is 20 minutes away from Tuzla Campus and 5 minutes from İstanbul Okan University Hospital.

Our Faculty Hospital also includes the high-tech lecture and seminar halls, library, research laboratory, general anesthesia operating rooms, modern dental clinics equipped with the most advanced technological dental units, equipment and materials, and high-tech radiological imaging devices to provide contemporary dental education and patient service.

In addition, our Faculty's "Orthodontics" and "Endodontics" Doctorate Programs are carried out under the Institute of Health Sciences of our University.

We believe that the students graduating from our Faculty will start their professional life and make a difference as competent dentists who know the innovations in theoretical and practical terms in their profession, know how to learn and access information, have high self-confidence, have developed communication and empathy skills, and have adopted ethical values.

In the direction of wisdom and science, which are the legacies of beloved Atatürk, as İstanbul Okan University Faculty of Dentistry, we will all be proud to see our graduates as successful dentists in their professional lives and/or scientists in their academic career.

With best regards,
Good luck to you, good luck to us...