Program Goal


Although it is known that the Automotive Industry is working on subjects such as engine, chassis, body, power transmission, which are its own field in general, it can be claimed that it is particularly affected by two factors. The first factor is continuous improvement in information technology. Modern tools are equipped with communications and computer techniques that use nanotechnology and microelectronics. These systems provide important support to the vehicle driver. These supports are ESP (electronic stability program), night vision assistant, cruise control, navigation, active suspension control, passenger and pedestrian safety measures and even tired driver sensors. It is seen that recent research and development studies focus on Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) communication and driverless vehicles (autonomous) behavior.

The second factor affecting the automotive industry is the greenhouse gas emissions of vehicles and their negative effects on global warming. It is known that research and development on electric and hybrid electric vehicles, which have positive properties in terms of low waste greenhouse gases, has been going on for a while and few commercial applications have started. It is understood that within a short time, electric vehicles will be more involved in the market, production lines will be established in factories and qualified labour power will be needed in this field.

There is a need for researchers and expert engineers who are equipped with the technical knowledgeneeded by the industry in the new issues summarized above. To meet this need, Istanbul Okan University Institute of Science has developed a Non-Thesis Master of Science Program titled “Automotive Mechatronics and Intelligent Vehicles”. It is well known that almost all of the automotive companies in Turkey are international. During vehicle design, foreign and native engineers cooperate. Thus, in automotive factories and especially in R&D, English is commonly used. This is the reason the program is taught in English.

The goal of the Master of Science program is summarized as follows:

  • Implement a program that prepares Master of Science students for an academic and research career,
  • Lay the foundation for future academicians that can find solutions to fundamental problems in their area of education and widen the knowledge horizon of humankind,
  • Be a leader in Automotive Mechatronics and Intelligent Vehicles,
  • Create new opportunities in education and research,
  • Refresh engineers who have worked in industry for some time and who’s knowledge has become dated,
  • Participate in automotive industry R&D projects and improve their competitiveness.